Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April 24th


Arrival and Dismissal: Parents, be sure during morning arrival that you go through the carpool line. We have seen an increase of students being dropped off at the stop sign or the bus loop, which is unsafe for our students. Also during dismissal, walkers please be sure that you are walking with your child(ren) as there is a lot of traffic near the bus loop and the carpool loop.

Critical Thinking

SSA Nomination - April 26 (4:15 pm) is the due date for SSA nominations.  If you receive a parent nomination, please forward them to us by that time, no later. If you have any students you think would benefit from this process, please contact their parents to make sure they're aware and direct them to the Wake Co. website: http://wakeacceleration.weebly.com



Wake ID Icon - Communications department has created a WakeID global icon for the school websites. This icon will replace the Webmail and Google Apps icons. We will apply the WakeID icon to your school website. This update will be completed by next Wednesday.

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