Sunday, April 16, 2017

April 17th

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Critical Thinking

Ciara Cooke - Congratulations to Ciara on being appointed to the lead Secretary of Brier Creek Elementary. Although, we are sad to see her leave our school, but we know that she will do a fantastic job at Briar Creek. Due to the current open position her last day at Underwood will be this Friday the 21st.

Teacher PlacementIf you have a preference or recommendation for the type of teacher for next year's class, be sure to put in writing (with specific qualities) and send it to Mr. Shillings. After classes have been created by teachers of the sending grade, these recommendations will be considered by admin over the summer. 


Annual WCPSS Student Surveys for grades 4&5 - school engagement and "grit"(approx 10 minutes) and focus of 4th grade is extracurricular activities and advanced courses (5-6 minutes). Each survey is available in both English and Spanish and each student can access their survey in either language using the following link: must take these surveys at school, as the link is not accessible outside of the WCPSS computer network. students will have to use their PowerSchool ID number to access their survey. The surveys will remain active from March 20th to May 26th, so please ensure that all grades 4-5 and 7-12 students have the opportunity to complete the survey at school before May 26th.  Results will be tabulated by school and reported out this summer. 

Weekly Messages -  Classroom teachers and specialists will continue to communicate with families at a minimum one message a week. Please contact classroom teachers if you have specific questions regarding your child's progress. It has been great seeing many teachers using Twitter and Blogs to showcase your students work. 

Animoto -- A great way to tell a story. Colby and Emily interviewed me with six to seven questions and this is what they created facilitated by Tanya. 

Want to be king Animoto original story and art by Greer 

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